JBoss EJB3 Plugin 1.0.19 has been released. This version is targeted against JBoss AS 5.1.0 GA.Visit our download page to get this release.


Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) 3.0 is a deep overhaul and simplification of the EJB specification. EJB 3.0's goals are to simplify development, facilitate test driven development, and focus more on writing plain old java objects (POJOs) rather than on complex EJB APIs. EJB 3.0 has fully embraced Java Annotations introduced in JDK 5.0 and also simplifies the API for CMP entity beans by using Hibernate as the EJB 3.0 Java Persistence engine.

EJB3 Features

 EJB3 Feature Overview

JBoss EJB3 Release Schedule

JBoss EJB3 team releases a new version twice a month. The scheduled days are 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. These releases contain the latest bug fixes or enhancements for the community. The release will contain the EJB3 plugin which is targeted against the latest release JBoss AS. To be notified of new releases, you can subscribe to mail notifications

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