JBoss EJB3 Plugin

The EJB3 Plugin is an executable JAR which will patch an existing AS installation with the latest EJB3 binaries (and dependent projects). The plugin is targeted only against the latest released JBoss AS 5.x. So if the latest released JBoss AS version is 5.0.1.GA, then the plugin will be compatible against this AS version only. The intention of the plugin and the twice-a-month release process of JBoss EJB3 team is to provide the JBoss EJB3 community with the latest and greatest implementation.


  • Ant (1.6.5) - The installer internally uses Ant, so you must have Ant installed on your system where the plugin will be used. You have to set ANT_HOME to point to this Ant installation. See our build page for details about how this can be done.
  • Java - JDK 1.5 or higher. Set the PATH environment variable to point to "java" on your system.
  • JBoss AS-5.x - The JBoss AS version against which this plugin version is targeted.

Downloading the Plugin

The latest version of the EJB3 Plugin can be downloaded from here


Running the Plugin

Using the plugin is simple:


shell $> java -jar jboss-ejb3-plugin-x.x.x.jar $JBOSS_HOME


  • The JBOSS_HOME points to the JBoss AS installation, targeted by the plugin version.
  • Replace jboss-ejb3-plugin-x.x.x.jar, in the command, with the name of the plugin jar file you downloaded.